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Float Therapy

Drop-In Float 60 min, 90 min

$89, $99

Relaxation begins in 'The Inada' massage chair as music and aromatherapy swirl the senses. Then, stepping into a private float room, weightlessness awaits to restore the body and liberate the mind.

3-Float Pack Most Popular


Those on a path to achieve power, harmony, and flow in their lives. Something we call a "Peak Wellness Lifestyle".

The Odyssey 5 hrs


We feed you. We pamper you. We transcend you on a voyage of awe.

Massage 60 min, 90 min

$89, $119

Enjoy our exclusive ‘Deep Relaxation’ massages mix specific music, intent, and styles including Myofascial, Swedish, Trigger Point, Shiatsu, and Sports Massage. Every massage aims to balance mind, body, and spirit.

Float & Massage 2.5 hrs


Experience a custom body massage from our expert wellness team paired with flotation therapy and leave in the ultimate state of rejuvenation and bliss. 60-Min Massage, 60-Min Float

Couples Float & Massage 2.5 hrs


Everything you could want out of the Float & Massage experience only you get to add a friend/loved one/cohort. 60-Min Massage, 60-Min Float
Add-Ons / More Magic

Aromatherapy Sauna 30 Min, 60 Min

$29, $49

Packages of 5 sessions & winter passes available

Foot Soak & Massage 30 Min


Taking from the ancient teachings of massage is our botanical foot soak in a hand-hammered copper basin topped off with a foot massage. Experienced as an ddd-on to any service or alone.

The 'Inada' Massage Chair 30 Min, 60 Min

$29, $49

Experience the world's best massage chair to give yourself a boost at your leisure. Also available in packs of 5 or season pass.

Mindfulness Month Challenge


It takes 21-days to form a habit, and we take you nine steps further. With a 30-day challenge and a personalized plan, our wellness team helps create a plan that immerses you in mindfulness forever changing how you sleep, relax, and live

Peak Wellness Lifestyle


The program that has you working with a member of our expert team paving the way to your wellness goals on a personalized plan. 3-Month commitment
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The Inada Massage Chair

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