3-Float Guide

Providing insight into the progression of the float experience

First Float


Mind & body experience weightlessness for the first time

Second Float


Muscle memory embraces weightlessness, mental peace and clarity is activated

Third Float


The cross into lucid consciousness occurs, mind & body surrender, true transformation begins


Flow State

Ongoing peak wellness continues, reaching the ultimate state of power, harmony and flow



  • Please refrain from using illegal substances or alcohol before and during your floating experience.
  • Most people float without a bathing suit, as you are in your own private room. Still, wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
  • During menstruation, follow the same protocol you would use in a swimming pool.
  • If you dye your hair and the color bleeds out in the shower, please refrain from floating until your hair color ceases to wash out.
  • Refrain from shaving for a day before floating.
  • Keep your body free of caffeine for at least two hours before you float for an optimal and relaxing float experience.
  • Be sure to eat something at least two hours before floating so that you are not hungry while in the flotation pool.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day before you float so that your body is well-hydrated.
  • If your body runs acidic, please contact us for additional preparations

Top 3 Benefiting Factors of Every Float:

  • Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate absorption)
  • Weightlessness / Counter-Gravity Stimulation
  • Lucid Consciousness / Flow-State


    Epsom Salts are great for your skin, hair, nails, and act as an exfoliate. They aid in joint pain, ease stress, and naturally relax the body. Magnesium (commonly missing from our diets) is absorbed through the skin, while Sulfate eliminates toxins and heavy metals, naturally detoxing the body


    1000 pounds of salt in 180 gallons of water creates a 30% salt solution, enabling the human body to float effortlessly atop the water. This creates an anti-gravity environment. This sensation is unique and deeply relaxing, as all weight and tension can be dropped; it’s even safe to fall asleep. There are no pressure points on the body in this state, which can provide up to 100% pain relief. The spine naturally elongates and straightens, and the body undergoes the same regeneration process that transpires during sleep. Lactic acid is drained from the muscles, reducing soreness and recovery time.


    Finally, just taking an hour of alone time (meditation), will decrease the production of cortisone, a stress hormone, leaving us feeling refreshed and serene after the float. The brain enters an elusive theta brain-wave state, associated with deep sleep and dreaming. We are able to access deeper levels of creativity and higher-level problem solving due to this distraction-free environment. The water is even heated to skin temperature, nearly eliminating any sensations at all; it feels like floating on a cloud, or in outer space. All of the benefits of an hour meditation are inherently seen in flotation therapy.