Mai H. – Bloom Wellness
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Mai’s journey into yoga started back in 2009 , her senior year in college. She took a semester long yoga class at Washtenaw community college and she did not enjoy it. She rediscovered yoga 4 years later and has not looked back since. She knows and understands the importance of finding your Kula or community and the right teacher. Mai believes in alignment but knows the importance of being playful and being light hearted in those spaces where you challenge your limits, both emotionally and physically. She earned her teaching certification in the fall of 2013 in Portland, OR. She has been teaching since completing her teacher training and her passion is to share the strength, happiness and stillness that yoga has to offer.
Mai’s playful nature is welcoming to students of all levels,  she loves it when students ask questions. She believes that anyone is capable of anything with the right time and effort and that belief translates in her classes. As a student first and a teacher second, Mai believes that she is continuously learning from her students and is eternally grateful for the opportunity to teaching and welcomes everyone to join.
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