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Ben Moore is an artist, musician and sound experimentalist who has been actively performing for over 20 years.
In 2013, while finding himself conflicted with the environment that surrounded him, Ben began to explore a more mindful means of playing music. Experiences in nature, yoga practice, sacred ceremonies and surrounding himself with people that share mutual interests in self-care and spiritual development has helped Ben discover a whole new relationship with sound that can be applied therapeutically.Over the past 2 years, Ben has been facilitating sound meditations or “immersions” for individuals and groups. During these sessions, a variety of acoustic instruments are played while participants lie down and “bathe” in a full spectrum of frequency. The ultimate intention of this practice is to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere for people to experience deep relaxation and attunement of vibratory frequencies within the physical and auric bodies. Often times, people experience a “release” through this process. Whether it be an energetic or emotional blockage, revelatory breakthrough, relief from chronic physical pain, depression, anxiety or PTSD, Ben’s work helps clients release these static energies so that they may heal and experience life with a greater sense of ownership, clarity, flow and gratitude.

In 2018, Ben continues to facilitate, explore and study our world of vibration while teaching others how to implement sound therapy into their daily lives. He has plans to travel, host workshops and collaborate with other facilitators, sharing service and philosophy on self-care and community.

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