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Press Release

2018 Inaugural Wellness Festival – Beautiful Experiences

This Sunday, 29 April, the Beautiful Experiences Wellness Festival is set to bring the importance of mindfulness and wellbeing to life. This free inaugural Ann Arbor event, held at Bloom Wellness from 7:30am – 9:00pm, promises a vibrant day fueling your mind, body, and soul.

The celebration is an ideal opportunity to share the importance of wellness with friends, family, and the community. The Festival’s program is bursting with activity from- various artists, including innovative percussionist Michael Gould and filmmaker Carter Scott, creative yoga classes throughout the day, meditation accompanied by live gong, workshops from vision boarding to elixir-making and a live concert by The Full Moon Kirtan Band to top off the night.

Local businesses and vendors will also be in attendance to share in the events and offer samplings of their craft. Beyond featuring forward-thinking and innovative companies and individuals within the wellness industry, the festival will also include programming for discussions and fitness activities as well as a space for demos and workshops to provide a unique experience to attendees.

Local entrepreneurs, artists, and community activists will be featured on a live broadcast of the festival titled SALTY BUSINESS. Some of the lineup includes: Unity Vibration –owners, Electric Eye Cafe –owners, Sava –business woman extraordinaire, Arbor Teas –owners, Detroit Mushroom Company –owner, Amy Shrodes–local author, Bløm Meadworks — owners, and more.

“The Festival is going to give attendees access to a range of mindfulness and wellness while meeting a lot of awesome people. Also we have Cosa Sabrosa serving tacos in the parking lot. Tacos make everyone happy.” says Michael Berman, founder of Bloom Wellness and festival creator.

The Beautiful Experiences Wellness Festival is proudly taking donations to support local festival performers as well as the Van Andel Institute Purple Community, raising funds for research to prevent, cure, and treat neurodegenerative diseases.

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Media contact:

Mike Berman


Festival event site: 2450 w Stadium blvd Ann arbor, MI 48103

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