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Announcing 3Rituals Studio by Bloom Wellness

Resolutions Are Out; Rituals Are In…

Pressure-filled and unrealistic, resolutions just aren’t sustainable. To top it off, many of us resolve to do less of something even though research shows the more we limit ourselves from that something, the more we desire it.

Enter 3Rituals by Bloom Wellness. The word ritual comes from the Sanskrit term “rita,” meaning “the creative rhythm of releasing form and taking form.”

Why are we creating a new vibe for our yoga studio? Why 3Rituals? We wanted to offer a bold new formula of classes that set clear intentions to help those looking for results the ability to actually obtain them. We believe fitness goals must be clear and strike a healthy and sustainable balance for your mind and body.

Too often we see gyms and yoga studios that promise to kick your butt into shape with little-to-no intention of restoring your body or easing your mind.

The 3 rituals that are at the core of our studio include yoga, meditation, and training. Within the schedule is where we set our real ritual with 3-days dedicated to only hustle and grind-style workouts and 2-days completely built of meditation and restoration classes. The weekend at 3Rituals is a blend of our yin and yang styles classes and can meet the needs of your weekend vibes.

We at Bloom Wellness are beyond excited to announce the launch of our new 3Rituals studio vibe and would love you to join us for our New Year Wellness Challenge.  4-Week & 8-Week Options Available Learn More Here

Classes for 3Rituals officially kicks off Janury 7, 2019

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